There is only a THIN BLUE LINE that prevents society from descending into anarchy. We honor those that comprise that blue line. We are grateful to them and their families for sacrificing so much to ensure our safety. 


We stand with them unconditionally. We honor them with these products. 

For every "THIN BLUE LINE" Blueberry Bratwurst or HERO PAC that we sell, we will donate a pack of bratwurst to help a 17 year old and his family fulfill their mission of feeding our law enforcement officers and bridging the gap between them and the community.



THE  "THIN BLUE LINE" Blueberry Bratwurst would not exist if we hadn't met a remarkable 17 year old named Markel Davis. Markel learned that local Police Officers were not being served by restaurants because of anti-police propaganda.


He sprung into action and cooked hundreds of bratwurst and hot dogs and delivered them to local precincts. We were in awe and decided to work with his family to help them continue their selfless goal of feeding officers and Bridging the Gap between Law Enforcement and the community. 

For every pack of "THIN BLUE LINE" BLUEBERRY BRATWURST or HERO PACs that we sell, we will donate a pack of our #handcrafted bratwurst to Markel and his family to feed our Law Enforcement. 

Markel's project can be found on Facebook here


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