Let’s face it, The Democrat Party is done. They are finished. Their circus of enslavement has been destroyed all because they failed to quarantine the wild elephant.

Circus Master Pelosi had the right idea, but she was way too late. When you want to enslave an elephant, you begin indoctrinating it as a calf. You tie it to a rope that it cannot possibly escape from. Then you let it struggle until it gives up. Once it gives up, it will never try again. Its spirit is broken. At that point, it will accept that it cannot move the rope and will remain a slave.

This is the way it’s supposed to work: indoctrination - helplessness - perpetual slavery.

But this only works if the calf loses the connection with what he is. This is why - above all else - it must be quarantined.

The baby elephant cannot be permitted to see an adult elephant in it’s natural strength, power and greatness.

Pelosi only had one job: quarantine the elephants. And she failed, miserably.

She allowed Donald Trump, a grown a@$, golden haired elephant, to talk about an elephant's natural greatness and birthright of freedom.

What is even more amazing is how she did it. She gave him a venue, national television coverage and a controversy to ensure that the maximum number of partially indoctrinated elephants watched.

To her credit, she did try to stop him, but her efforts were too little and way too late. Trump took the stage and asked America to remember its former greatness and to “Choose Greatness” again. He reminded them that Americans saved the world, invented tomorrow, went to the moon, defeated diseases, and pulled ropes of all kinds. He reminded them that GREATNESS and FREEDOM are inextricably etched into America’s DNA.

Make no mistake about it, the baby elephants got the message. A CBS poll highlighted that 76 percent of viewers approved of Trump’s SOTU speech. That’s included 30 percent of Democrats and 82 percent of the partially indoctrinated independents.

Ringmaster Pelosi only had one job, to quarantine the elephants. She failed miserably and now she risks losing complete control of the Democrat circus.


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