[ WHIPLASH ALERT : Trump pulls plane from under Pelosi & Schiff ONE HOUR before Take off ]


On Thursday, Jan 17th, Trump put his Presidential foot down and #grounded Nancy Pelosi's Congressional Delegation. The move itself was stunning. Denying access to military assets for trips of this sort is an incredibly rare move. Adam Schiff described the event has having no equivalence in the "anals" of Congressional history.... but this post is not about the event; it is about the timing of the event and the message that it sent to all who oppose and support Donald Trump.


There is little doubt that cancelling the delegation was devastating. It evaporated all claims to equal authority that Pelosi had made over the previous weeks - most notably her power play attempting to block the President from delivering the State of the Union Address at the Capital Building two days prior. The whole world was treated to watching her delegation de-board the Airforce bus and return to the capital building. Everyone was left with one question: "How can someone claim that her power is equal to the President when she has to ask for permission to fly to her scheduled Congressional event?"

Again, I cannot overstate how DEVASTATING this was. This humiliation will encourage division within her party from the extreme left. They will increasingly see her misteps and open hostility as a liability to the entire party; this will all play right into Trump's hands going into 2020.

But this move went well beyond DEVASTATING; the timing made this move EPIC


Congress members and their families were on the bus while Trump's letter, canceling their trip, was making its way around the internet. There are even reports that Nancy Pelosi was on the Tarmac completely unaware of what was happening.

This singular event tells us so much about Trump and the way that he operates. No, he is not juvenile as the left would suggest. Juveniles would not have the patience and self discipline to sit for two days while Nancy Pelosi insulted him personally and attempted to undermine the legitimacy of his position. No, a juvenile would not be able to constrain their emotions. They would do things like make up accusations while off boarding the plane that Trump "leaked their trip" in order to save face.

What Trump is displaying is military precision in both STRATEGY and TIMING. This move was to encourage his base and Patriots that he knows what is going on and he has a plan in place.


The structure of this plan is simple: Trump will allow his enemies to plan a trip, communicate the trip to all of their friends, travel to the capital, arrange their luggage, load their luggage, board the bus, and recline in their seat confident that they have succeeded. Then and only then, will he issue the letter canceling the trip. He will wait until the the doors of the bus have closed - leaving them no escape.

This is the same strategy being employed against the Russian Collusion accusers and the Banking Cartel.

Trump's message is clear: "TAKE HEART AND BE ENCOURAGED". Trump is systematically destroying the deep state and corrupt entities that have attempted to enslave humanity. TRUST THE PLAN.

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