Thank you for your purchase. A percentage of each sale is committed to helping us build a better, life- supporting food system. 




It's election season and we know you are working hard to preserve individual liberty, capitalism and the American way.  YOU ARE A HERO! Take a break and fire up the grill with our 2020 HERO PAC. 


The 2020 PAC is definitely the tastiest political action you have ever tasted. It contains TWO of our best selling "45" Steak Franks and ONE pack of our "A THIN BLUE LINE" Bluebery Bratwurst. 


For every 2020 HERO PAC that we sell, we will donate a pack of bratwurst to help Markel Davis and his family continue to feed our law enforcement and bridge the gap between our Law Enforcement Officers and the local community.


Hero Pac contains: TWO, 6pks of "45" Steak Franks and ONE, 6pk of our "THIN BLUE LINE" BLUEBERRY BRATS.

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