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American Pride All (Amish) Beef Franks

Preorder 6 of our handcrafted, smoked,  American Pride Amish beef frankfurters. Our beef frankfurters are made with Amish Beef, whole herbs and spices and are stuffed into a natural sheep casing. Contains milk We are offering these for pre-order to help absorb some of the cost of bringing our own beef through the supply system. The corona virus shutdowns have slowed our business, caused us to loose our part time employment and is forcing us to redirect our savings to keep things going.  We are, however, committed to seeing this through. After this first round of beef, we will transition all of our beef products to Grassfed, grass finished organic Amish beef. Add a pack of our American Pride Amish Beef Franks to your order or preorder a pack today. Help us thrive during these strange times while investing in better quality food and independent supply chains.    We should befin shipping these franks 05/07/20 

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