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Football Season is here.  Etch your name into the Tailgating Hall of Fame with our TAILGATING SAUSAGE PACK. Our TAILGATING PACK feeds 20+ people with a variety of our ALL BEEF GOOD FRANKS, our OLDE WORLD BRATWURST, our Mild Jalapeno Beef Franks, our Jalapeno Jack Cheese Brats and our Strawberry Jam Bratwurst.  


+ A FREE 2 PACK of our amazing Brat Burger Seasoning blend!


Each pack includes:


  •  48 franks ( 24 All Beef, 24 Mild Jalapeno Beef Franks )
  • 12 Bratwurst (6 Olde World Brats, 3 Jalapeno Jack Brats and 3 Strawberry Jam Brats)
  • FREE 2 PACK of our Brat Burger Seasoning Blend

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