The story of The Good Frank begins back in 2005. Two love birds opened a hot dog stand in Nashville, TN. They wanted to gain business experience, sell "gourmet" hot dogs and eventually, get married. 

People loved them and their simple, traditional approach to hot dogs.  As they grew, they discovered a food system full of strange, modern practices that virtually guaranteed a lower quality product. It also guaranteed that that product would be full of artificial ingredients and industrialized processes.


They discovered that 70% of beef produced in America contained Ammonium Hydroxide - which is Ammonia and water. The idea of using a harsh chemical like Ammonia in food horrified the two love birds.


Tyrone and Marcella decided to do something radically different: They chose to learn how food needed to be produced to be life supporting. They learned to farm, make sausage using old world techniques and recipes and they eventually founded The Good Frank.


A lot has changed since that first hot dog stand in Nashville, but two things remain constant: Love and Wholesome Goodness. Love for