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Did you know  that we raise our own livestock and work with local farmers to acquire livestock for our products. Unlike other companies, we don't buy "bulk"  ground beef made from the "leftovers" and "trimmings" from a hundred different animals to make sausage. We dry age our beef and craft every frankfurter and sausage by hand.

Feature: The "45" Steak Frank 

The "45" Steak Frank is a tribute to our 45th President, Donald J. Trump. While many debate his place amongst Presidential greats, no one will debate this frankfurter. Its robust flavor and impressive size is sure to win praise from all across the political spectrum. 

All Natural and Chemical Free
All Natural, Ohio raised beef
Handmade in Columbus, Ohio


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Our Beef Sausages. If you're looking for something vegetarian or lighter click here

Our beef franks are made with whole cuts of beef, herbs and spices. 

Each of our beef franks are tucked inside of a SHEEP CASING and smoked on real hard wood. These casings ensure that incredible "snap" after the first bite. 

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