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Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Stop. We don't need more government.

Some people may argue that Alexandria Cortez is the dumbest person to ever set foot in our nation's capital. In conservative circles, her name has become synonymous with DUMB - like a box of rocks, dumb.

While we would not entirely disagree, we would add that even a box of rocks is dangerous when placed in an elevated position. And the fact is that somehow this box of rocks made it to Congress and even found a place on a committee that handles our finances. This is truly frightening: like looking up at a box of rocks teetering on the edge of a fire escape directly above your head.

What’s equally frightening is how she got there. Like most Democrats before her, she arrived by using the black and minority community’s struggles to justify a call for socialism.

In her Green New Deal, she describes social and racial inequity as one of the driving forces behind her policies. In fact, when you get right down to it, social and racial inequities account for 98% of all of the Democrats tyrannical impulses.

The greatest personal tragedy is that poor, and often black people, like me, are the poster children used to sell this madness.

The case for socialism rests on the cruelest and most dehumanizing of assumptions about the poor and minority communities.

It assumes that we can't feed ourselves, we can't care for our children, we can't learn, we can't help from committing crimes, we're "super predators", and most notably, we are too stupid to be allowed to roam freely. Because of all of these seemingly inherent shortcomings, government must be enlarged and empowered: Government must provide, protect, and educate.

The brownness of the face promoting these destructive policies, often prevent the policies themselves from being questioned. It prevents socialism from being addressed aggressively. It is amazing to watch. Its like every conservative knows that socialism doesn't work, but few have actually done anything about it. Many refuse to even acknowledge that there is a system in place that traps the urban and poor in poverty.

My guess is that they fear that admitting to the structural flaws of our economic and financial system will be seen as admitting that racism exists or admitting that more government is necessary. So they avoid the problem all together.

But, this begs the simplest question: if capitalism works and is unchallenged in terms of lifting people out of poverty, why aren’t we teaching capitalism and entrepreneurship in America’s ghettos? Why aren’t conservatives pushing for solutions that work instead of trying to turn welfare programs into charity work programs. Why do we continue to blindly push a post secondary “education” as a catch all solution?

Why have we focused on the [suburban] middle class while our inner-cities are permitted to crumble? At this point, your conservative defenses may start going up. You may be tempted to think about “the personal responsibility“ mantra at the core of Conservative arguments... calm down. I am not absolving anyone of personal responsibility. I am asking why haven't we applied solutions that work to a problem that actually exists?

MOST SOCIAL SAFETY NET PROGRAMS ARE TRAPS. In reality, they actually serve as obstacles to a person achieving financial self reliance. They prep people for failure and rarely give them the tools to succeed in life. And the worst part is that those that they penalize personal initiative at every step.

But back to my quesiton: "If capitalism works, why are we constantly making socialist programs?" Capitalism and entrepreneurship can transform our poor communities just like it has transformed other poor communities around the world. What is needed is ATTENTION and CAPITAL.

Attention can be given if we would stop obsessing over idiots like AOC and the Democratic party in general. With the freed time, we can start thinking about how we can provide a market for people who have been trapped in the snares of government. We can start thinking about new ways to exercise our constitutional freedoms. We can start thinking about how to expand our personal freedoms.

But where will the capital come from? Certainly not Congress. Institutional poverty equals political power on both sides of the aisle. The sooner we recognize this, the better. I am convinced that capital has to come from people like you and I.

That is one of the reasons why I founded The Good Frank and became involved in investing both attention and capital to the issue of inner-city investment.

This is also why I am asking Patriots like you to join my efforts. We are one of the few companies actually taking the fight for freedom to people living in the inner-city and minority communities.

We are providing entrepreneurial exposure and teaching them about capitalism, self reliance, civics and American History. We are healing the black community‘s learned helplessness and providing a community of conservatives that they can be encouraged by.

Please take a moment to visit our website and leave a note of encouragement for future escapees from the Democrat plantation. Your support will mean more than you know. It will also allow more of these type of projects to spring up.

And eventually, these projects will bring dumb boxes of rocks, like AOC, back to earth where they belong.

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