[ If this be hate speech, make the most of it. ]

I’m sorry, Mark Levin had it right. Last year, when he was asked if there is a bridge possible between Democrats and Republicans, his answer was simple and profound.

He said “no.” We believe in individual liberty, private property rights, the constitution, the Declaration of Independence, a constrained government. When was the last time you heard Democrats talk about any of these things.

The Democratic Party does not believe in individual liberty, private property rights or a God that has bestowed humanity with inalienable rights. They believe in one thing: power.

Power, by any means and from any source possible. This is not my opinion, it is the facts expressed through their agenda, policies, marketing and persistent attacks against Americans, conservatives and Christians.

If you know me, I am mostly gentle but I don’t do lip stick on pigs. I don’t polish turds and I am tired of dressing up a 500lb parasite called the Democratic Party just to appear civil.

America and the current incarnation of the Democratic Party cannot coexist. One must win and the other must recede into the anals of history.

Know this, I am not advocating for pointless or unprovoked violence but I have no intention of losing this very real battle. And I have no intention of turning and running when my homeland is being violently and relentlessly attacked.

Trump said that the media is the enemy of the people:”; he was only partly right. Democrats and Democrats posing as Republicans are our countries greatest enemy. They have demonstrated eagerness to lie, cheat, steal, murder, frame, discriminate, propagandize and then censor Americans of all shapes, races, and cultures. What they have done to black people is unfathomable. To even assert that we are too stupid and helpless to get an ID to vote demonstrates the depth of unwillingness to believe that Black people are capable, thinking human beings.

Again, one must win and one must recede. I am not calling for violence but when they decided as a party to slaughter innocents in the birth canal they raised their hand in attack against every American that has been blessed to be called a parent.

These are not soft and fluffy words, but they are true. If you consider them hate speech, then make the most of it.


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